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Gomumbrella printed umbrella

A strong, resilient umbrella that will last for years. Personalize your Gomumbrella umbrella with your corporate logo. Print your company’s logo on the canopy’s exterior for dynamic effect—or print the logo inside the canopy for an understated, elegant look.

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Explore New Promotional Possibilities With Custom Umbrellas!


In the world of brand promotion, the power of customization can’t be overstated. Custom umbrellas, in particular, are a unique and effective promotional tool that combines utility with high visibility.

Custom printed umbrellas, with your brand’s logo vividly displayed, can have a far-reaching impact. It’s an advertising strategy that literally goes wherever the umbrella does. Your brand gets exposed to a wide array of locations and demographics, thereby increasing brand awareness and recall.

Custom umbrellas give you the opportunity to be creative with your brand promotion. You can experiment with different colors, patterns, and designs that align with your brand image. The umbrella canvas acts like a blank slate, ready to be filled with your creative ideas.

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