1.  What strollers does MUMBRELLA™ fit onto?

MUMBRELLA™ fits onto majority of strollers on the market.  The clamp widens as far as 1.5 inches to attach to stroller or side bar of your stroller, and closes as far as you like.


2.  Can height of MUMBRELLA™ be adjusted?

Yes, MUMBRELLA™ can be attached to your stroller handle bar, or the side bar of your stroller, you can adjust the height so it's right for you.


3.  What can I use MUMBRELLA™ for?

MUMBRELLA™ can be used in rain and snow for weather protection.  It can also be used in the sun to shield from UV light up to 50UV.

Other customers have also used it to attach to their beach chair, golf bag and adult walkers.